Quantum precision, taking risks and collaborating with friends – Asier Pineiro-Orioli and Alexander Schuckert Many Body Physics

How can we use the laws of quantum physics to build more precise measurement devices? Apart from this question, Asier Piñeiro Orioli and Alexander Schuckert, also discuss about their experiences as young researchers in quantum science, how taking risks is elementary to progress and why it is crucial to work with friends rather than colleagues. The topics discussed include: 0:00 – Introduction and background. 7:17 – The (quantum) science of measuring things precisely. 13:53 – How to create entanglement. 17:04 – Why better precision is interesting. 21:44 – Asier's research: multilevel "qubits". 26:59 – Quantum technologies: engineering or fundamental research? 31:18 – Unspoken problems with fundamental research: Resources, career and self-sustaining mechanisms. 40:05 – Risk taking incentives and disincentives. 48:55 – From side-by-side collaboration to lone wolves: Trust, Sharing and Fun.

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