Quantum Computing

Quantum computing promises to use the power of the laws of quantum physics to process information more efficiently – potentially solving some of the world’s hardest problems ranging from complex materials helping to fight global warming to optimizing travel routes and portfolios. In a series of blog posts, we explain some of its methods and promises, also touching on some of the not very well communicated principles of this elusive technology.

Is quantum advantage moving too fast for you to keep up?

– An overview of the recent developments in quantum computing – Vienna, 12th of October, 2019: Eliud Kipchoge became the first human to run a sub 2-hour marathon. Once believed to be unattainable, his time, 1:59:40, will not be officially recognized as a world record [1]. The reason for this is that the experiment to […]

Quantum cryptography

How quantum technologies enable uncrackably secure communication. In our modern computer world, being able to encrypt messages is not only necessary to keep some information secret from others, but is a key part of technologies such as cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Furthermore, the scandals around widespread eavesdropping of intelligence agencies has shown the world that in […]

Quantum Simulation Cookbook

Pictorial Quantum Simulation: Atoms are sitting in a lattice built up by standing light waves, ready to be used for studying the most intriguing questions of state of the art research. cOOKING UP A qUANTUM sIMULATION Supercomputers are cornerstones of modern industry. They help to design complicated objects like aircraft, provide the handling of big […]

Randomness and the Beast (in Quantum Computing)

Cologne, 8th of July 2020 Engineers hate them. These guys show you the one neat trick to fix your quantum computer in the throw of a dice! Sometimes I’m really picky about music, I want to listen to that one song stuck in my head. But more often, I’m much more relaxed about it, I […]

What is Quantum?

A friend of mine recently suggested a documentary to me about the mind’s healing power. Terrible pseudoscience all around, but it landed some nice points about stress. Nevertheless, I was horrified at how easy the word quantum was dropped, without any context, and any reason. And this is not an isolated event, I have seen […]

How quantum physics may save Earth from global warming

Transporting renewable energy to where it’s needed lies at the heart of the human endeavour to get rid of the need for fossil fuels. Superconductors can do so without loosing any of the precious electricity on the way, seemingly defying physical intuition. Find out in this article why many body physics is needed to understand […]