Three colours in a Venetian Mosaic

Venice, which has been known for centuries for so many things. It was a naval superpower some many centuries ago, and it was there where Galileo first presented the telescope. And it is also very well-known for its sturdy and beautiful glass, the famous Vetro di Murano. Watching the glass-master making all these glasses and vases and sculptures with absolute calm and focus is something outstanding. It occurred to me that we are not so different. He heats the glass to make it malleable and fluid, we are smashing nuclei together to observe collective behaviour, to see its collective, “molten“, properties. The glass master seems to fully understand intuitively his material, how the temperature, flow, or the rotation that he gives affect the final result. We want to understand also those same factors and more in our material, and we are slowly and steadily on our way there.

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